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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Initials Necklace

My take on the 'mama jewelry'. Initial charms (fine silver) can represent initial of each child, family member, dog - even spell out a name; you decide!

Each initial is handmade: formed, sanded, kiln-fired, polished and hand hammered.

I like necklace worn long, on a 24" sterling silver ball chain, dog-tag style; however 16"/18" length are also available.


  1. Wow! I am the first comment! Love your jewelry and want to be in the raffle for those initials! I am also a fan on facebook - is that a problem?


  2. Either/Or: No problem. Feel free to leave a comment and fan me too :-) (however will enter name once only for give away) I appreciate the support! Thanks! Marcella

  3. Fun night in Orinda on Friday! What a busy girl you've been. So much stuff and so, so beautiful. You should be proud. (Okay, I really came to say Enter Me To Win!) Ha. xo Alison

  4. Wonderful "good to go" party last week.! Enjoying the piece I picked out. You know I'm getting these initials anyway - ostensibly from kids for Xmas - but given they have about $1.50 between them in money boxes...winning the raffle would be a good deal all around! Kristyn kjs29@att.net

  5. I loved your party and you and your jewelry are beautiful! I am already a fan on FB and just suggested all my friends become a fan too!
    see ya! Debbie

  6. Since I'm already a F-book fan of yours, here's my comment:
    YOU ARE THE BOMB! Your trunk show was fo shizzle!
    Your O'Town Fan

  7. Thanks for the great show on Friday. Love what I got...want more!

  8. Can't believe I won! Thanks so much, Marcella! So that turned out pefectly!...will send the kids up to collect my Xmas present...and now that I've won .... their $1.50 will cover it just fine and they'll be thrilled, albeit with a warped sense of what a dollar fifty buys! Thanks again, Kristyn

  9. Wow, awesome necklaces with initials.You have done a great job with your precious time and art.Thank you for sharing your work.keep sharing.Try to secure your jewelries in wooden jewelry box and also know to maintain it.