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Thursday, May 20, 2010


Working on bracelets again.  Loved making these years ago - and am glad to revisit and make again.  Will start posting variations; but this is a Kate McKinnon classic style that I was drawn to and still love to make.

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Surprisingly versatile.  Have worn them dressed up and dressed down.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Spring into Summer Bracelets

Fun summer bracelets to throw on with almost any casual outfit.  Hope to make a bunch.  If so will post them to shop.  True to my style; always try to make pieces adjustable/versatile.   Bottom pic shows three separates together.  Wear one, two, three ... wrap the long ones ... lots of fun options!

More Flowers

Love the Dahlia.  The middle flower: had dahlia in mind when trying to form the petals.  My variation to the other two which I constructed from design by Carol Wilcox Wells.

Spring Inspiration

I have had flowers on the mind for sometime.  That combined with love of needle and thread has turned out sparkly, bud-like, flower-like pieces.  Now what?  Will continue to explore; may end up as a focal point on a wide cuff; as a single pendant, clustered together in an asymmetrical necklace ...