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Monday, October 22, 2012

Alchemy of Objects: Texture

Texture was the focus for week three of my design online forum with Deryn Mentock.

Deryn used a picture to inspire her; and coached us to find pics or our surroundings as inspiration.  I drew mine from nature.  The idea of sticks and stones was immediate and my focus was how to execute.

I conceptualized the sticks to be formed from silver; and prepared cut rounds of redwood to use as the stones.  The sticks came to together as expected; however I was not satisfied with the look of my wood stones.  In my stash of beads and objects I found some vintage silver buttons, once I eyed them, I knew they would work.

The construction easily came together; the free formed fresh water pearls added the right amount of texture without competing with the sticks.

Having a challenge to work towards; ie texture was an interesting process in exploration.  It made me take pause and really consider each component used, and allowed me to re-discover what was in my stash.  Proportion, Focus and Color challenges are in the works.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Alchemy of Objects

 I am 2 weeks into a new class being taught online by Deryn Mentock.  Deryn has successfully crafted an online forum to share her tips, techniques and inspire all levels of jewelry artisans.  In this class we are exploring design; there is a focus on found objects.   Each week we are inspired with a specific design challenge to pursue, using our own materials, techniques, and creativity.  Deryn demonstrates her process, experience and techniques through videos and posts in a private area of her website.  Throughout the week we share, post and interact with each other.  From what I can see we have artisans contributing from USA coast to coast, Canada, Europe and Australia.  Kudos to Deryn for crafting a great community and giving us the opportunity to explore, share and learn with each other.

Week One's challenge was Symmtrical Design, option: found object; Week 2: Asymmetry; option: fabric focal.  Below are my results from Week 1 and 2.

I hope to keep up and continue to blog my experience.

Week 1:  Symmetry with Found Object: Bullet Casings

Week 1: Symmetry

Week 2: Asymmetry with Fabric Focal
(I did not have a fabric focal, so self-made rosette from strip of sari silk)

Week 2: Asymmetry

Thursday, March 22, 2012


In January I decided to re-shuffle rooms in the house. The result: boys lost their playroom, but gained a larger bedroom. I have been eeking out time to prep the rooms; which involved new floors and lighting. The small project that grew ... Seems I have been shuffling "stuff" from one room to another and back again. The end is near and I have purged many years of stuff, and rooms are being lived in. My space is almost complete, the finishing touches will be a work in progress as I get comfy with the space.

work space