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Monday, October 22, 2012

Alchemy of Objects: Texture

Texture was the focus for week three of my design online forum with Deryn Mentock.

Deryn used a picture to inspire her; and coached us to find pics or our surroundings as inspiration.  I drew mine from nature.  The idea of sticks and stones was immediate and my focus was how to execute.

I conceptualized the sticks to be formed from silver; and prepared cut rounds of redwood to use as the stones.  The sticks came to together as expected; however I was not satisfied with the look of my wood stones.  In my stash of beads and objects I found some vintage silver buttons, once I eyed them, I knew they would work.

The construction easily came together; the free formed fresh water pearls added the right amount of texture without competing with the sticks.

Having a challenge to work towards; ie texture was an interesting process in exploration.  It made me take pause and really consider each component used, and allowed me to re-discover what was in my stash.  Proportion, Focus and Color challenges are in the works.