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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Tucson 2013

5 days went by in a blink.  Landed in Tucson at 2pm and was at the Best Bead Show by 4:30.  Thursday I spent the day at the G&LW Gem Show (Gem Mall and Holidome).  Hundreds and hundreds of vendors; I wandered the rows and took it all in. My fave purchases were: czech beads; although not hard to find, this one vendor had so many unique colours, shapes and sizes in one place; antler beads and pendants; and some vintage finds from Sandy Schor.   

Part 2 of my trip was the 3 Ring Circus Workshop, taught [very well] by Richard Salley and Jessica Papke.  Rich in technique we spent 3 days making 5 rings.  A great immersion into metal smithing; now can continue to develop and incorporate soldering, enameling, bezeling, (and more) into my pieces.

Barb Solem (with daughter Erin) did a wonderful job at organizing the retreat/workshop and were gracious hostesses; ensuring that all was taken care from lunches to shuttles to social gatherings.  I enjoyed meeting and interacting with so many creative, talented folks.

Still have to unpack all my goodies, and keen to put in place my newfound techniques!

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  1. Such a great, fun, inspiring time for you, Marcella. Lucky girl.