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Friday, June 14, 2013

Canada or Bust Day 3

Buh-bye Nevada, Hello Idaho!  Another big driving day; push to make it to the next state.  "... Sage brush-y fields for-ever ... " in Northern Nevada; I like sage; however after today, I think in moderation, strawberry sounds good ...

Today's Highlights:
- coffee made in my Chemex (visualize Breaking Bad)
- leaving Nevada
- discovering and exploring Craters of the Moon, lava fields bubbled up; appeared out of nowhere
- Peaceful rig, save for the on the move mode of rattles and hums.  Papa, John, Marcus and Ozzie all well-behaved.

Oh, ya' and Trucker Mom, still smiling ... (honk, honk!)

Coffee time 
See ya' Nevada

Lava Fields, Craters of the Moon

Our view from Arco, Idaho, KOA

Hill of Numbers
 (story is that highschool graduating class paints last 2 digits of graduating year)


  1. Been to Craters of the Moon! strange place and an Interesting name. Are you going to Devils Towers?

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