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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Canada or Bust Day - I don't know ...

Let's see ... I left off entering Idaho, since then we caught a bit of Montana (stayed at West Yellowstone, MT), crossed Wyoming and now, Monday evening, in South Dakota.

Lots of sites, driving and wildlife these past few days.  Elk, Bison and Bears, oh my!

We spent the day in Yellowstone Park, highlights:
- Fountain Paint Pots, Lower Geyser Basin
- Old Faithful Geyser; waited about 50 minutes and true to name .... water shooted up from the earth
- We saw elk and bison relaxing and grazing in the meadows and woods; and a grizzly bear at Lake Yellowstone, trying to cross over into the woods.

We descended Yellowstone National Park; but not before stopping at a point of the Continental Divide.  Always thought this was nifty; and recall seeing this as a kid in the Alberta Rockies. We spent the evening in Cody, WY. Windy night, dinner of chicken apple sausages and broccoli, treated ourselves to some Dairy Queen (our neighbour) and called it a night.

- Cody to Devil's Tower.  Worth the 60 minute detour, enroute to Mount Rushmore.  Very pretty and a bit spooky.  Can totally see why featured in Close Encounters of the Third Kind.
- Wanting a shorter drive on Tuesday, we pushed through to the KOA site at Mount Rushmore.  So here we are late arrival, will see Mount Rushmore tomorrow.  [weak wifi = no posting last night, as of this posting it is Tues night and we are in the Badlands]

Have not seen much of John this trip; he emerges from the loft, like the wildlife, I catch glimpses every now and then.  Mind you I am driving, and don't really have eyes in the back of my head.  We did have a great day in Yellowstone; both of us impressed with the Geysers, steam ponds and fountain paint pots at Lower Geyser Basin.

Still perfecting our set up and break down RV camping routine.  Have not left anyone or anything behind yet; Marcus ensures that our lifelines (electricity, water and sewage) are connected and more importantly disconnected.   In Lovell, WY Marcus cleaned the windshield, not an easy task for a young'un on this rig; next I'll have him checking the tire pressure and oil.  I posted a pic of Marcus and the windshield on Instagram and Facebook; so if browsing check out those spots for random pics and posts.

Papa and Ozzie conferring each day on their experiences.  I hope you have been reading their blog:   http://onshamansrock.blogspot.com

A few words on managing this rig:
- If an exit, point of interest, scenic view etc ... has been missed, it has been missed. No going back.
- "Hey, pullover a sec", words I do not hear.  Good thing there is a loo on board.
- Adhere to speed control signs, ie 35mph for curve can be done at 37 or 38, but a few more mph I'm sure you would be banking it on 2 wheels, just sayin'.
- Prius, Minis and Fiats pardon my sneer if you pull up and park in front of me, leaving me barely a gap to pull out.  I know you don't know better, I didn't, but now I have crossed over. 

Today I channel surfed the radio and figured when in Rome ... settled upon a Country Station.  I do not mind country but do not know country.  My untrained ear thought all male vocal songs were Scott McCreadie and female, Carrie Underwood  (ok, not that untrained -  I do have some George, Willie and Reba in my music folder).  

I'll leave you with two songs (links to vids) that entertained me:

(chew tabaca, chew tabaca, chew tabaca, spit ...)

Lower Geyser Basin

Watching Old Faithful erupt
Father's Day at Old Faithful 
Yellowstone Park

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