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Sunday, June 23, 2013

Made it: It's Sunday

Quick Update:

Crossed the border on Friday afternoon.  Easy peasy.  Spent the night in Thunder Bay.  Saturday:  longest driving day.  Not much between Thunder Bay and Sault Ste. Marie; quick stop at Terrace Bay for and actual  restaurant "homemade lunch" (frozen pizza, burger and some poutine) :-(

Beautiful drive; saw a black bear run across the highway.  However, long drive. Hoped for a coffee stop, but none to be found, log stretches of nothing but bush.  So fueled on 2 candy bars (Crunchie and Crispy Crunch) and a 5 hour energy drink; pushed through to the Sault; arrived at about 7pm.

Aunt Barbara and Anthea (Dad's sister and niece) met us at our campsite with Chinese Food.  Nice.

Nearing end of this leg on the journey; the past few wet days and big mosquitoes have motivated to keep going.  Although laundry and showers have been had; things are starting to get a bit ripe here in the Rig.  Moving onto the cottage today; one more longish day of driving.

Wifi has been sporadic and sparse; so updates are same.

Smiling ....

Uncle Gerry in Thunder Bay

Aunt Barbara ann Anthea in Sault Ste. Marie

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  1. Cute dog and a happy family. Wish your family happy every day.