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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Tucson 2013

5 days went by in a blink.  Landed in Tucson at 2pm and was at the Best Bead Show by 4:30.  Thursday I spent the day at the G&LW Gem Show (Gem Mall and Holidome).  Hundreds and hundreds of vendors; I wandered the rows and took it all in. My fave purchases were: czech beads; although not hard to find, this one vendor had so many unique colours, shapes and sizes in one place; antler beads and pendants; and some vintage finds from Sandy Schor.   

Part 2 of my trip was the 3 Ring Circus Workshop, taught [very well] by Richard Salley and Jessica Papke.  Rich in technique we spent 3 days making 5 rings.  A great immersion into metal smithing; now can continue to develop and incorporate soldering, enameling, bezeling, (and more) into my pieces.

Barb Solem (with daughter Erin) did a wonderful job at organizing the retreat/workshop and were gracious hostesses; ensuring that all was taken care from lunches to shuttles to social gatherings.  I enjoyed meeting and interacting with so many creative, talented folks.

Still have to unpack all my goodies, and keen to put in place my newfound techniques!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Bead Soup Package to Me!

Lots of catching up from being away in Tucson for 5 days.  BTW, great trip, workshop, shopping and most of all great connections with many creative, talented folks.

My bead soup package was awaiting me; laundry can wait, I was keen to open, photograph and share: beachy blues and greens, pearls, silver, handcrafted headpins and beads, lots to love, lots to play with.  Thanks Carolyn!

Our reveal date is March 30; and we will post our finished products to our blogs.  

Monday, February 11, 2013

Bead Soup 2013

I am participating in Lori Anderson's bead soup party (see left sidebar). There are hundreds of participants and Lori (I'm sure painstakingly) has paired us up. We prepare a bead soup for our assigned partner; send it; partner receives and makes something using the stash. Once made, we reveal our finished piece on our assigned reveal date. The beads included in the soup are up to the sender; however it must contain a focal and a somewhat unique clasp.

My partner is Carloyn (http://www.carolynchenault.wordpress.com). We are in the first reveal group; so I had to hop to getting my soup to her. I am in Tucson for the gem shows; so prepared and mailed before I left.

I prepared a little soup that is my latest go source of comfort. I am warmed by the brown/blue/greens, turquoise, soft deerskin leather. The iron focal is a latest fave, as are making clasps: I gave Carolyn a choice of two bronze clasps. Also included are some handmade bronze jumprings. I am keen to see how Carolyn uses some of my favourite things.  Given she received and opened, I can now share with you:

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Turquoise Collage

Was featured in the Interweave Download last week:


3 Ring Circus

My bags are packed (well almost).  I have been looking forward to attending this huge jewelry event for some time.  As a visitor, student, and buyer I am looking forward to soaking it all in.

Many of you know I am a technique nerd.  I am keen to add a few more techniques to my fodder.  That being ring making and enameling.  While in Tucson I will participate in a 3 day workshop taught by Richard Salley and Jessica Papke.

Tucson Bound!
Richard Salley & Jessica Papke Workshop Rings
25lbs of tools to pack